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We offer global support to the food industry, helping product developers, manufacturers, retailers and distributors to provide healthy, safe products to the consumer.

TRISKELION positions itself as an innovative Contract Research Organization with one main purpose: helping to develop products that improve the health and wellbeing of your customers. We offer quality, speed and knowhow.

We specialize in multidisciplinary projects in which our consultative skills, knowledge-based expertise and personal care can all contribute to tailormade study designs and reliable project management. It’s our people who make the difference. Triskelion helps to safeguard your brand reputation by ensuring that your product meets every requirement for quality and safety.

Our Analytical Research Center focuses on high-end analytical chemistry using sophisticated facilities and expertise as well as developing and using advanced validated methods in product characterization, quality and safety.

An example of our unique, world-class assistance is our 24/7 Emergency Response Service for immediate expert support in the case of product issues or a potential food safety crisis.

Finally, TRISKELION is a specialist in infant formula and we provide a personal touch for every client. Our focus is on supporting your operational excellence and reducing the total costs of operation.

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