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Protein LC-MS

Proteins are large molecules that occur in all living organisms and carry out many different functions. It is estimated that there are millions of different protein forms present in our bodies.

Proteins consist of chains of amino acids, translated from RNA and encoded by DNA. Following translation, amino acids are modified in some cases. Several post-translational modification options, such as phosphate groups or glycosylation, create further complexity. Besides their role in natural biochemical processes, proteins are used in many other applications, such as food products, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. To identify, characterize and quantify individual proteins, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) is the most suitable analytical technique.

TRISKELION offers protein LC-MS services in the broadest sense. Our team of experienced biomolecular mass spectrometrists can offer support in answering any protein-related research questions you might have, regardless of whether these require a qualitative or quantitative approach. Method design and development will take place according to our general workflow.

Pharma applications

TRISKELION uses protein LC-MS to aid clients from the pharmaceutical industry in developing selective quantitative methods for their therapeutic biologicals, endogenous proteins or biomarkers. In addition, structural characterization of bio-therapeutics is performed. Although our specialization is in the interesting field of pre-clinical phase work, we can grow with you and your product in order to perform method validation and study sample analysis in later phases (according to bioanalytical guidelines and Good Laboratory Practice).

Food applications

At TRISKELION, we apply our pharmaceutical expertise to food protein LC-MS and vice versa. We’re mainly specialized in the selective quantification of proteins from different animal species, which enables us to analyze the authenticity of proteins in food. The commercialized TrustGel method, for example, was validated to quantify animal species in gelatin. Our experience can be expanded to almost any biological tissue, including liver, blood, lung, milk, bone and skin. We search for either unique protein detection targets or generic ones, depending on the aim of the study. A common factor in each project is the extensive attention we give to internal standardization, which is essential for obtaining an acceptable and accountable method performance in LC-MS.

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