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One Health is becoming a global movement and is developing fast.

Many emerging health issues are linked to increasing contact between humans and animals, worldwide tourism and traveling, growing urbanization, the industrialization of food production and environmental pollution.

Rapid global change has created new threats to the health of both animals and humans. These complex interactions impacting (human) health and safety have to be dealt with through an interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial approach.

This approach must acknowledge the systemic connections between human, animal and environmental health and the need for collaboration across different sectors.

A One Health approach is particularly relevant to areas of work that involve food safety, the control of zoonoses, emerging infectious diseases and the combating of antibiotic resistance.

One Health will be key to reversing the worst of current problems for humans, animals and the environment and thus fostering a more sustainable way of life on our planet.

We specialize in the behavior of substances.

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