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Plant Protection Products

Safe and accessible plant protection products are essential to the effective production of food crops and the growth of ornamental plants.

The development of new active substances and the related product authorization is a long and costly trajectory that involves multiple areas of expertise. Approvals have to be periodically updated with new information, including whenever there are changes to regulations.

Our experts stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the regulations, as well as developments in the hazard, efficacy and risk assessment of all substances involved in plant protection products. Our dedicated project managers ensure clear and efficient communication with sponsors, authorities and other stakeholders.

We can complement your registration team (in-house or external consultancy) with key aspects of (re-)authorization dossier preparation, such as:

  • Literature searches and quality assessments of existing data
  • Mediation on obtaining a letter of access (if you are not the data holder)
  • The contracting, monitoring and reporting of physicochemical, (eco-)toxicological and environmental fate studies
  • Environmental risk assessments (environmental and human health) of active substances, synergists, safeners and residues
  • Environmental fate assessments (e.g. FOCUS-PEARL)
  • The application of alternative methods (QSARs, read-across) and preparation of scientific justifications
  • The preparation of MRL (Maximum Residue Levels) applications
  • The assessment of endocrine disruption potential according to relevant guidance. Visit our Endocrine Disruption Assessment page for more information

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