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Endocrine Disrupting Assessment for Plant Protection Products, Biocides, and Industrial Chemicals in the EU

In this comprehensive study, L. Bouwman, Y. Wei, and I. Sterenborg from TRISKELION present the challenges and potential improvements in assessing endocrine disruptors (ED) in plant protection products (PPP), biocides, and industrial chemicals within the EU. The document outlines the necessity for a full ED assessment for all active substance registrations and renewals under PPP and BPR regulations, emphasizing the importance of screening and replacing co-formulants with confirmed ED properties. The European Commission’s ongoing efforts to update REACH annexes to include ED assessments and the recent amendments to the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation are also discussed. The study provides detailed guidelines, including a weight-of-evidence approach, and highlights the complexities involved in testing UVCB substances.

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