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Food Contact Materials (FCM)

Food safety is one of the most crucial priorities for products, as food contact materials are an integral part of daily life. This is of paramount importance to both users and producers. For producers, however, it can be a hurdle to comply with the complex global legislative landscape.

This is where we come in!

Whatever your position in the value chain, we can prepare you to give appropriate answers to all customer and authority inquiries regarding the food contact status of your products. We can assess the safety of your materials according to EU and FDA regulations and, if required, specific national legislations. We are also the leading beverage industry’s preferred testing laboratory for food grade CO2 investigations.

FCM compliance

Our food contact material compliance evaluations are done on the basis of DOCs or the full chemical composition of your product. As a producer of food contact materials, you may or may not have information on the full composition. If not, we’re able to request this confidential information as a trusted third party.

The initial theoretical evaluation of your product usually results in a number of restrictions that need to be verified. We may even come across non-listed substances for which no restrictions exist. In that case, we have in-house toxicologists available to assess such components and perform a risk assessment.

How do we measure the discovered restrictions? We start with a 100% migration calculation or mathematical modeling. Based on these theoretical calculations, any components that could exceed restrictions will be analyzed through laboratory migration testing. Once all restrictions are cleared, the analytical report and the food contact compliance statement will be issued.

Do you have multiple materials for which evaluation is required? Or do you need your products to comply with both the EU and the FDA? Wherever possible, we combine tests to save time and costs.

Do you already know which tests you require and don’t need a full compliance evaluation? We’re your partner in this too. A wide range of test substances are covered by our laboratory. And when no analytical method is available, our experts can develop it. If you’re not sure what test conditions you need, we’ll advise you on the possibilities and provide you with the best solution for your product.

Migration cells

Based on our extensive experience and knowledge in migration tests for food contact materials, we’ve developed specialized equipment. If you’d prefer to perform your migration tests in-house, it’s possible to order the necessary migration cells from us. We’ll provide the right materials and guide you through the process.

For one-sided testing of food contact materials, the following types of migration cells can be ordered from us:

  • Standard-size stainless steel migration cell (cell type B of EN 1186-1)
  • Standard-size stainless steel migration cell with a PTFE spacer, designed specifically for the testing of coated aluminum sheets
  • Small stainless steel migration cells
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