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Animal Drug Residues

These services are offered by DUCARES B.V.
TRISKELION B.V. and DUCARES B.V. have entered into a definitive merger agreement. We combine our strengths as of 1 January 2020. The new organization uses the legal name DUCARES B.V. Nevertheless, the trade names TRISKELION and DUCARES continue to exist independently.


An independent and autonomous TNO company, DUCARES B.V. was founded as a leading research and contract laboratory on 1 January 2008. This was formed on the basis of well-established TNO research activities: Hormones, Veterinary Medicines & Proficiency Testing.

DUCARES is specialized in the development and performance of chemical analyses aimed at the protection and promotion of:

  • Animal food safety and quality
  • Animal health and welfare
  • The development of veterinary medicines

Our services are provided to Dutch and international companies, government institutes and private clients, primarily in the following markets:

  • The livestock production sector (agrofood)
  • The animal feed sector (agrofeed)
  • The veterinary medicine sector (pharma)

Advising clients and providing input and ideas is a central part of our package of services. As a regular participant in national and international applied scientific research projects, we’re knowledgeable about all of the latest scientific developments.

Food safety

Consumers, producers and government authorities demand food safety. Working across the food safety chain, DUCARES makes key contributions to assurance and improvement. We facilitate inspections and conduct chemical analyses. Analyses are performed on contaminants and residues of permitted and prohibited human and veterinary medicines, which can be used (for example) to trace antibiotics, hormones and other substance residues. These analyses are performed in a variety of matrices, including animal feed, water, meat, organs, blood, urine, feces, eyes and hair.

Animal health and veterinary medicine research

Are you in need of a lab equipped to conduct mass spectrometry measurements to ISO/GLP standards? And are you looking for a lab that can carry out research-driven analyses on top of routine work – such as for applications in the development and quality assurance of veterinary medicines? Look no further than DUCARES. Our skilled and qualified staff have extensive knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine and we also have considerable experience in all aspects of veterinary medicine development and the associated preparation of registration dossiers.

Knowledge and method development

With a team of skilled and specialized staff members, DUCARES has extensive knowledge on the following methods, which it also develops:

  • The analysis of contaminants and residues of permitted and prohibited human and veterinary medicines
  • The detection and/or verification of concentrations of hazardous substances in foods and animal feed
  • The demonstration, verification and quantification of the presence of specific proteins, either as desirable or undesirable additives
  • The (rapid) demonstration of the presence of undesirable substances in (large) sets of samples
  • The chemical profiling of samples


DUCARES is an analytical laboratory which offers consultancy services and can develop and conduct new analyses within a short time span, as needed. Results are meticulously interpreted, reported and, if desired, furnished with our recommendations (including legal). It goes without saying that all research results are treated with the utmost confidentiality.


DUCARES is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for the performance of chemical analyses. A full overview of DUCARES’ accredited analyses and proficiency testing is published on the website of the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). As a recognized laboratory, DUCARES is also obligated to safeguard, improve and regularly benchmark the quality of its analyses. This is facilitated by our participation in proficiency tests directed by European Union Reference Laboratories, in which DUCARES consistently achieves high scores.

For more information on the services DUCARES has to offer, please click here to visit their website.

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