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Updating you on prospective regulatory changes with an expert view

Legislation and regulations governing substances and co-formulants are constantly evolving. Keeping abreast of changes and their potential impact can be labour-intensive and time-consuming for your organisation. With our ChemRegAlert service, we regularly check the regulatory status of your substance portfolio, our experts identify emerging issues requiring further action, then we notify you of the results. This enables you to anticipate developments and keep your dossiers up to date.

ChemRegAlert - We monitor legislation for you
How it works

Based on raw material data and SDSs provided by you, we perform checks of current information sources. These include EU databases and lists, like the registry of restriction intentions until outcome and endocrine disruptor assessment lists, along with the OECD Portal on per and poly fluorinated chemicals.

For single substances, searches are based on the relevant CAS/EC numbers. For mixtures, the CAS/EC numbers of all ingredients are used if these are provided. When full composition is not available, searches focus on the CAS/EC numbers of the substances listed in section 3 of the co-formulant SDSs. In addition to searching by CAS/EC numbers, we also check if substances are part of a group entry in the various information sources.

Initial and follow-up checks

During the initial check, we identify all substances in your portfolio that are listed in the information sources. We provide a summary of the listings, the resulting level of urgency and whether you need to take action or not.

After that, we perform quarterly checks based on the most up-to-date versions of the information sources to identify any relevant updates since the previous check. These could include changes in status of your substances already listed as well as newly listed entries from your substance list.

Detailed search reports

After these checks, we provide you with an Excel file with the general search information along with a summary of all searches including listings, findings and links to the relevant documentation.

ChemRegAlert offers two types of subscription:
Basic subscription

A Basic subscription includes standard searches for potential updates related to your substances four times a year.

Extended subscription

An Extended subscription includes the Basic version with an additional evaluation of the results by TRISKELION experts based on over 25 years of experience in regulatory issues. These evaluations include an assessment of the results’ relevance and the level of urgency. The report highlights the short and long-term impact of the results to enable you to quickly identify the most pressing issues and prioritize action.

To sign up for ChemRegAlert or for more information, please contact Isabel van Laanen by phone +31 6 5000 7475 or e-mail

To sign up for ChemRegAlert or for more information, please contact Isabel van Laanen:

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