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Nutrients (full label Infant Formula)

A fast, reliable partner in nutrient testing.

At TRISKELION, we understand the challenges you face with nutrient testing and we’re proud to say that many current global methods are based on our knowledge. With over 20 years of experience, our highly-trained personnel and state-of-the-art analytical facilities deliver solid results, time after time.

We are continuously improving our nutrient services by investing in our staff, our positive culture and – of course – our method development. Moreover, we actively participate in the AOAC SPIFAN and NEN workgroups.

Trusted results for the verification of product label compliance

Label claim compliance requires reliable, accurate and fast analytical data. Many producers and developers of infant nutrition and premixes for infant nutrition rely on TRISKELION for analytical support. Why?

  • We offer a complete package, including all vitamins, vitamin-like substances, amino acids, fatty acids, macronutrients, trace elements, minerals and more
  • Our nutrient testing service is unique as we’re specialized in infant formula(-related) products, such as premixes and raw materials
  • Our experienced analytical chemist and technicians employ and develop state-of-the-art methods for nutrient analysis, using our excellent analytical facilities
  • Delivery of good quality analytical data is in our genes. Needless to say that we are ISO 17025 (L546) accredited for nutrient analysis
  • We know the infant formula market well and can help you to understand the consequences for product quality or the production process
  • We are able to combine high-quality services with fast turnaround-times, all tailored to support your (logistical) needs
  • You can contact our experts directly to discuss your needs or results

Trusted results for product development

In product development you have to make choices on ingredient composition, like:

  • How to dose them
  • How to make sure that the production process does not negatively influence its functionality or targeted concentration

Whatever the case, you need high quality, accurate and reliable analytical data to ensure that your intended product specifications are met.

Trusted results in research studies

TRISKELION is the preferred analytical partner in numerous studies where accurate analysis of targeted nutrients, bioactive compounds or other specialties is key to understanding, demonstrating or verifying research study objectives. In many cases this is linked to health maintenance or health improvement and involves measurement in matrices such as tissues or physiological fluids.

TRISKELION can also act as your consulting partner for testing strategy and interpreting results.

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