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Chemicals Regulatory Services

REACH registration, evaluation and dossier update.

With all the experience we’ve gained in the last ten years, we’re the ideal partner to assist you in the REACH registration of your (industrial) chemicals. This could be the registration of a new substance or the updating of an existing REACH dossier. An update may be required due to a compliance check or substance evaluation by authorities, the availability of new data (study reports) or an increase in the tonnage band of your product. You may simply wish to align your dossier with current standards or add new uses.

A pro-active dossier update gives you the benefits of improving the quality of the dossier before authorities have a look at it while also identifying issues in sufficient time to address them. If your substance has become part of the REACH evaluation processes, we can assist you in resolving any issues. We apply our experience with authorities’ wishes to your specific dossier in such a way that it meets the latest standards.

Substance identification

Within the framework of REACH, sufficient analytical data is needed to confirm the identity and composition of a chemical substance. We have the expertise and instrumentation to generate this data using chromatographic (LC, GC, IC), spectrophotometric (UV/Vis, AES) and spectroscopic (IR, MS, NMR) techniques.

REACH authorization

We can assist you in preparing a required application for REACH authorization for the use of substances of very high concern, such as carcinogens or endocrine disruptors. This application is complex. We will update the risk assessment, assist in analyzing the alternatives and create a convincing socio-economic analysis. This is performed together with you as client as you know your processes, situations and options best. We can ensure appropriate anonymization and data compilation if you’re cooperating with other parties. Together with our experience regarding the wishes and requirements of authorities and our knowledge of the tools needed to perform these analyses, your input can lead to a very convincing case.

Hazard communication

You need proper classification of your substance or mixture and an adequate Safety Datasheet for hazard communication. Our experts evaluate hazards and classify substances and mixtures on a daily basis. Various studies have shown that Safety Datasheets and classifications often contain weaknesses or outright errors. With our knowledge of the rules and requirements, common errors can be avoided. Whether you want to communicate via (extended) Safety Datasheets, Workplace Instruction Cards or other formats, we can help you to provide authorities, clients and workers with correct and useful information on hazards and safe-use conditions.

Impact assessment

If new rules or (legal) measures are proposed, the impact on companies, sectors and society can be very large. However, this is usually difficult to assess. We can do an impact assessment for you, evaluating the effects on humankind and the environment as well as the costs, benefits and other aspects. This can answer the questions of whether a new exposure limit will be feasible and what risk management measures will be most cost-effective for a hazardous substance. We account for health benefits and can express these in monetary units for easy comparison with other factors. We consider both one-off and yearly costs but can also evaluate non-monetized impacts. Industry sectors, individual companies and authorities can use our assessments to guide their decisions and prevent unfortunate, costly decisions with limited benefits.


Nanomaterials are increasingly present in everyday life, but ensuring that products containing them remain safe and compliant with relevant regulations is challenging. Our team’s specific nanomaterials expertise can assist you in the performance of analytical testing, data generation, nanomaterial property assessments, hazard and risk assessments targeting nanomaterials and communication with authorities as needed.

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