STAY STRONG during the Corona crisis


STAY STRONG during the Corona crisis

Since we’re all in this together, we’d like to reach out to you to help one another stay strong.

As health innovators, we recognize that human health, animal health and ecosystems are inextricably linked. We believe a healthy body requires healthy food and that healthy food requires a healthy planet, all with healthy ecosystems and strong, resilient social structures. We simply can’t have one without the others. We understand the difficulties that we’re facing globally with respect to the COVID-19 virus.

As an international company, we’re used to working from home. We encourage all of our colleagues who are able to work from home to do so. Our service level is not being influenced and you are still able to reach us, regardless of whether we’re present at the office or working from home.

From all of us at Triskelion, we wish health and safety for you and your loved ones.


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