Research For better living

Everything that makes us better must be good.

In the pharmaceutical industry, being responsible for an efficacious and safe end product is perhaps what matters most.

Innovation is crucial to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. However, turning science and creativity into new drugs requires thorough knowledge of your business needs, outstanding project management and focus to achieve goals. Triskelion supports the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries by offering research-based expertise, high-end facilities and practical innovative solutions. Everything is underpinned by in-depth research, with a single objective as the end result: a carefree customer.

We offer TIM technology for studies on oral drug delivery and interaction with our microbiome. In addition to advanced CRO-services we develop key innovations through research programs and open innovation networks.

Furthermore we offer a full range of bioanalytical techniques. At Triskelion we are proud of our analytical facilities and equipment. These enable us to perform analytical research and method development at the highest level as well as accurately analyze large numbers of samples on a daily basis.