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Release working capital faster through accelerated release analysis

Discover the capital cost savings for your business

For young children and people with a medical diet, infant formula or medical food may be their only source of nutrients. Any deficiencies in the composition of these products could lead to serious health consequences. As a result, infant formula and medical food are subject to strict legislation.

To comply with regulations and avoid any risk to their brand reputation, infant formula and medical food producers carefully monitor the composition of raw materials, intermediates and final products. Typically, analysis and release takes two to three weeks. During this critical period, working capital is tied up in inventory when it should be generating income for the business.

One-week release period

TRISKELION has managed to reduce the release period to just one week, allowing manufacturers to release working capital faster. We can offer this accelerated release analysis thanks to:

  • Over 50 years of experience in food analytics
  • Dedicated laboratories for infant formula and medical food
  • Highly skilled technicians
  • Frequent testing of infant formula and medical food
  • Extremely high test reliability
  • Streamlined testing logistics
  • Digital data links with customers
  • Prompt delivery of test results

Significant financial benefits

By releasing working capital faster, accelerated release analysis can generate significant cost savings. See the table below for the financial impact of speeding up the release period from 2½ weeks to 1 week.

Type of operation Output per year Working capital released with 1-week analysis Capital cost savings per year
Medium-sized manufacturer 10 million kg € 5.4 million € 270.000
Large manufacturer 60 million kg € 32 million € 1.6 million

These capital savings generated by TRISKELION’s accelerated release analysis more than make up for any cost differences with other analytical service providers.

Online calculator

Discover the capital cost savings for your business when accelerating release to 1 week

Current batch release time (calendar days):
Value of raw materials and products (€/batch):
Production level (batches/week):
Cost of capital (%/year)


Immediate one-time release of working capital
Annual saving of capital costs / year

If you want to release working capital faster through accelerated release analysis, please contact our business development team via +31 65 000 74 91.

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Reducing working capital costs through accelerated release analysis

More information can be found in this in-depth publication (PDF).

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Reduce working capital costs
Do you want to release working capital faster through accelerated release analysis?

Please contact our business development team:
+31 65 000 74 91.