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news item:PRESS RELEASE: Triskelion begins major study of safety in chemicals

On behalf of an international REACH consortium, Triskelion will be undertaking its biggest ever assignment, namely an impressive study package aimed at guaranteeing human safety. The performance of these studies has been made compulsory by the European legislation on chemicals (REACH). This study package comprises two Prenatal Developmental Toxicity studies (OECD 414) with prior Dose Range Finding studies and an Extended One Generation Reproduction Toxicity Study (EOGRTS; OECD 443). The studies are worth a total of some two million euros.

Expertise, flexibility and planning are the primary reasons why Triskelion has been selected by the consortium of 18 global players to carry out this complex package of studies. Triskelion has a reputation for its excellent qualities in the field of inhalation toxicology and is convinced that it can complete this study package capably and on time. The timeline for the whole study package of around 19 months presents a fantastic logistical challenge.

About Triskelion
Triskelion – one of the 24 companies in the portfolio of First Dutch Innovations – is a growing Contract Research Organization (CRO) with around 200 employees serving clients from all over the world. Triskelion is the CRO for complex study packages and is active in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Biotech industries. Specialization in multidisciplinary projects, consultancy skills, knowledge and personal attention all go towards creating client-specific study protocols and reliable project management.

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