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news item:New FAO recommendation of protein quality measurement DIAAS

To meet the protein requirements of its growing population, the world must discover new alternative protein sources. It is therefore essential to understand the value and consequent suitability of these proteins for human nutrition.

The FAO recommends the use of the Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS) method instead of the PDCAAS measurement. The DIAAS is based on the true ileal digestibility of each amino acid preferably measured in humans or animal models. The Three Rs (3Rs) principle, the guiding principle for more ethical use of animal testing, is one of the corporate responsibilities of the food industry. So are you ready for DIAAS without expensive clinical or animal trials?

Triskelion has developed an in vitro method which allows rapid and cost-effective evaluation of both, the true ileal digestibility and the DIAAS method. Our unique dynamic in vitro gastrointestinal model tiny-TIM simulates the dynamic conditions of the upper tract. DIAAS can be accurately and reliably determined in the TIM system (Havenaar et al 2016). The dynamic gastrointestinal TIM models are a validated alternative for animal testing.

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