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Product: Food contact materials

Whether you are a user or producer of food contact materials or substances, you want to be sure that you sell products to your customers that are safe for their intended use and are compliant to all relevant legislations.
Many of our customers experience an increasing awareness regarding food safety and are faced with an increasing number of questions along the value chain regarding food contact status and particularly NIAS evaluation of their products.
The globally scattered legislative landscape regarding food contact materials can be a challenging hurdle to overcome when assessing your products, especially when you are operating internationally.

If you are a manufacturer of food contact substances, you know your product well, but the end uses of your product may be unknown in many cases. If you are a manufacturer of intermediate or finished food contact materials and articles, you perfectly know the intended use of your product, but the exact chemical composition of your product is often unknown. As a trusted third party, we are able to access confidential information to allow dedicated safety and compliance evaluation. Whatever your position is in the value chain, we can get you prepared to give appropriate answers to all customer and authority inquiries regarding the food contact status of your products.