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Expertise:TrustGel™ method, the answer to all your questions about the species origin of gelatin

Triskelion develops unique TrustGel™ method for the animal-species authentication of gelatin

Triskelion has developed and validated a breakthrough quantitative LC-MS method for the species-specific determination of gelatin. The so-called TrustGel™ method reliably detects porcine and bovine constituents in gelatin. The highly sensitive method was recently published in Food Chemistry*. Gelatin is a valuable ingredient in many food and pharmaceutical applications, such as confectionery, dairy, meat products, and gel capsules. The origin of gelatin is of importance to consumers and producers. Using our TrustGel™ method, the species authenticity of gelatin can be demonstrated unambiguously with a 0.05% limit of quantification. More about gelatin More about our TrustGel™ method Rousselot, the global gelatin market leader, initiated the project with Triskelion and supported the development of the method. Gelatin species-testing services based on the unique TrustGel™ method are now commercially available at Triskelion.

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*Kleinnijenhuis AJ, van Holthoon FL, Herregods G. Validation and theoretical justification of an LC-MS method for the animal species specific detection of gelatin. Food Chemistry, In Press online 11 October 2017.