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news item:Evert Duistermaat of TNO Triskelion wins ‘Alternatives to Animal Testing’ incentive award 2015

Evert Duistermaat of TNO Triskelion has won the ‘Alternatives to Animal Testing’ incentive award, which is granted annually by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. This year’s incentive award was given in recognition of research into the effects of inhaling substances.

Incentive award for ‘Alternatives to Animal testing’

The dangers of inhaling substances are often tested using animal experiments. Scientific and technical developments have made it possible to model various parts of this obligatory testing using cells, a type of model known as an in vitro model, in other words one that does not use animals.

Evert Duistermaat has used his technical and practical knowledge to conduct these tests reproducibly, thus increasing the potential applications of exposing cells to substances in the air. This provides great opportunities for significantly reducing the number of animals used in this type of research.

The incentive award for ‘Alternatives to Animal testing’ is intended to reward biological technicians, analysts and laboratory animal caretakers for their contribution in the field of the 3Rs (reduction, replacement and refinement, with respect to animal testing). This important role has been recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, which introduced this award.

The award was presented on 11 November 2015 during the Dutch national Biotechnology Days event. The fact that the Ministry of Economic Affairs did not present this award in 2014 due to a lack of applications that made a real contribution says a great deal about the significance of the 2015 award.