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AAPS Pharma Sci 360, 5 November – Partner Presentation

Make sure you attend the Partner Presentation during the AAPS PharmaSci 360 – 5 November, 10.30 h – Solution Center.

Preclinical TIM technology vs in vivo performance of oral drug products

TIM simulates human gastrointestinal conditions and is used to study the performance of oral drug candidates. Its high predictivity for the human situation supports the preclinical drug development process, the choice for further testing and ultimately contributes to de-risking clinical trials.

Our partners from AstraZeneca will highlight practical and day-to day applications and zoom in on several specific technical features of TIM.

We look forward meeting you!

Recently published: ‘Determination of dissolution profile and bioaccessibility of Ketosteril using an advanced gastrointestinal in vitro model’

Edmundo Brito-de la Fuente from Fresenius Kabi Deutschland has published the following study: ‘Determination of dissolution profile and bioaccessibility of Ketosteril using an advanced gastrointestinal in vitro model’ in a recent edition of Dissolution Technologies.

For this study the TIM-1 model was set-up to specifically mimic conditions resembling patients with chronic kidney disease. Importantly, TIM-1 provided highly reproducible results that significantly outperformed classic dissolution methods regarding the predicted in vivo situation. In addition, this work shows the use of TIM technology in studying pathophysiological conditions, highlighting its use in studying human gastrointestinal behavior of compounds in health and disease.

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Triskelion B.V. has signed a new research collaboration contract with Lesaffre. At the core of the collaboration is the so-called TIM system, a dynamic in vitro model of the stomach and small intestine developed by Triskelion. This innovative system will enable Lesaffre to study and validate the effectiveness of its existing products or develop new solutions for the future.

About 25 years ago TNO (now Triskelion) started the development of the “TIM” systems, TNO Intestinal Models. TIM are computer controlled models that realistically simulate processes that occur during the digestion of compounds. In contrast to static digestion models and methods, TIM is a dynamic simulation of gastrointestinal processes, based on in vivo data. This makes it highly predictive for the human situation (> 80%) and it can be considered the most advanced digestion model.

TIM is used by academia and industry to advance research on the behavior of orally ingested compounds, such as foodstuffs, functional ingredients or orally ingested pharmaceutical drug products, and their interactions with each other. Researching orally ingested compounds in vitro shortens product development time and ultimately time to market. TIM users even report fewer animal studies, because these can be replaced by TIM experiments.

As a global key player in yeasts and fermentation, Lesaffre designs, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for Baking, Food taste & pleasure, Health care and Biotechnology. For many years Lesaffre has been relying on its fermentation expertise to develop innovative solutions for its customers. With 570 experts and 10 Research centers around the world, innovation is at the heart of its development and Lesaffre is today focused on providing new solutions to tomorrow’s nutrition and health challenges.

“With this partnership with Triskelion, we are proud to combine leading technology platforms, such as TIM, with our scientific knowledge on microorganisms and ingredients derived from fermentation. This collaboration will contribute to accelerate the development of health benefit products, such as probiotics, in a sustainable way,” says Carmen Arruda, R&D director at Lesaffre.

Towards a global rollout of the TIM technology

Pharmaceutical Research needs to be faster, more predictive and reproducible. The predicted data value out of laboratory animal research is continuously under discussion and in many cases insufficient to decide upon.
The Triskelion “TIM” model mimics the human gastro intestinal tract in a more predictable, reproducible, fast and controllable manner.

You can read the full article in the Dutch online magazine “BiotechNews & LifeScience – May 2019”.

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