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news item:Press release 3 April 2017 – Launch of First Dutch Innovations

First Dutch Innovations, the new name for TNO Companies bv, will launch today its operations. The Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) recently granted approval for the acquisition of TNO Companies by Peter Goedvolk/First Dutch. TNO will retain a minority stake. First Dutch Innovations has appointed Gina van der Werf Chief Executive Officer.

First Dutch Innovations is committed to the develop and grow innovative companies in the main focus areas: Life Sciences, Sustainable Energy and TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) markets enabling innovation in the Netherlands in a sustainable way. Moreover, the company has the explicit goal to increase employment in the Dutch innovative sector.

Gina van der Werf, CEO of First Dutch Innovations: “At First Dutch Innovations innovative power and entrepreneurship converge. We are planning to bring several new valorisations to market each year and to further develop existing companies within the Innovations concept. In a time when many Dutch companies are bought by foreign companies, it is crucial to continue the development of knowledge and bring valorisations to the Dutch market.”

First Dutch Innovations will work in close collaboration with TNO and the other knowledge based institutions in the Netherlands to create a central platform in which knowledge development and entrepreneurship can be merged.

First Dutch Innovations currently has 24 innovative companies with approximately 900 employees. This provides the basis for the expansion of the platform with more innovative companies within the focus areas. First Dutch Innovations will continue to look for enterprising disruptors that fit this profile.

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