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Product: Genetic and in vitro toxicology

One of the first steps in the (pre-clinical) development of your drug candidate is a genotoxicity assessment. Determining the genotoxic potential can be crucial for the further development of your candidate. During the lead optimisation/selection phase, in vitro (geno)toxicity screening assays can be very useful in selecting the most promising leads for further development.

Triskelion offers extensive experience and expertise in both regulatory driven and non-standard
assays to perfectly fulfil your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art study designs are in full compliance with GLP and international guidelines. In addition, we can screen series of compounds with respect to genotoxicity and cytoxicity and develop (screening) assays that study the endpoint of your specific interest. Furthermore, we offer scientific consultation and regulatory guidance on how to perform the assessment in the most efficient and effective way.