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Product: General toxicology

In general, the pre-clinical safety evaluation of new (bio pharmaceuticals for human use should be conducted in a rodent and a non-rodent species. The guidelines, however, do not specifically prescribe which non-rodents tend to be used.

For several years the minipig has been considered a useful alternative non-rodent species for safety testing of (bio)pharmaceuticals. Human parallels in many features of its anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and behavioural patterns along with its suitability for different types of study make the minipig a good model for man. This is particularly true for the cardiovascular system, the skin, the digestive tract, the urogenital system and drug metabolism. Given this, the minipig can replace dogs and non-human primates in several applications in pre-clinical safety testing, such as general toxicity (including immunotoxicity/immunogenicity), reproductive toxicity, juvenile developmental and safety pharmacology studies. Furthermore, this close similarity to man means that studies using minipigs will result in better human safety prediction.