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You count on reliable, functional and safe drugs that are carefully and thoroughly tested. This requires use of appropriate models to test the efficacy of drug candidates as well as to study their mechanism of action. Triskelion’s ambition is to offer the best-fit preclinical models in the therapeutic field of immunology. We trust in human translational scientific knowledge concerning vaccines, small molecules, (bi-specific) antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates.

Our immunological activities focus on efficacy studies with drug candidates against viral infections, malignancies and autoimmune diseases. Like a ‘Triskelion’, these represent three interlocked research areas with synergy in underlying disease mechanisms, the auspicious treatment approaches and the type of analysis required to answer your specific questions:

  • Autoimmune diseases are recognized as a negative side effect of immunotherapy in cancer patients, which signifies the similarity in the underlying immunological processes.
  • Newly developed drugs for cancer immunotherapy have recently be applied successfully to treat chronic viral infections..
  • Immunological techniques developed to investigate the mode of action of   immunotherapy in cancer can be applied as well to analyze drug candidates against viral infections and auto-immune diseases.

What really matters in the early preclinical stage of drug development is a close understanding of your product and a clear guidance towards a tailor made approach to demonstrate the body of evidence you seek. We aspire frequent personal contact, not only to discuss with our experts the findings and results of ongoing studies, but also to support the best follow-up steps.