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Expertise:ADME- Nutrikinetics

Demonstrating a mechanism for the potential functionality of your product could add value in reaching your BtoB goals. Triskelion is a trusted partner to the food industry, offering tailor-made designs for both regulation-driven demands (both safety and efficacy related), as well as the industry’s own need for science-based data on the behavior and fate of a food ingredient. If you need to know more about your product we offer integrated support consisting of various in vitro and in vivo models to understand the relationship between bioavailability, bioaccumulation, nutrikinetics, metabolism, disposition of your compound of interest and any desirable or undesirable effects. We provide excellent bioanalytical services for monitoring the bioavailability, disposition and fate of your radio-labelled compound of interest. In addition, we can assess the effect of the compound on endogenous metabolites (including various lipids, oxylipids, bile acids, endo-cannabinoids, amino acids), peptides and enzymes.