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Product: General toxicology

In vitro and in vivo toxicology

Worker and consumer health along with a healthy environment are key issues for the chemical industry. The safe use of a chemical is largely determined by its toxicological properties. Regulations worldwide require extensive toxicological research for the market authorization of industrial chemicals. Triskelion helps you sell safer chemicals and boost the development, production and marketing of your products at the same time.

Triskelion’s 30 years of experience guarantees timely generation of safety information for regulatory compliance and product stewardship. In order to take care of your regulatory obligations, our experts work closely together with you as our sponsor. We operate best in partnership and we prefer to interact both at the executive and scientific levels. Our high quality toxicology research is often based on long-lasting relationships with our clients. These partnerships thrive on mutual trust and benefit. Our high level of scientific toxicological expertise, combined with our drive to get in-depth knowledge of your products, processes and regulatory needs, is a recipe for success. Our professional project managers communicate with clarity and are dedicated to meeting your deadlines. This ensures that your goals are achieved. We make it our business to get you where you want to go.