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Expertise:ADME- Toxicokinetics

In order to communicate your product information responsibly to the user you need to have an understanding of the metabolic fate and behavior of your product. Triskelion has over 30 years of experience in in vitro and in vivo kinetics and metabolism studies with a wide range of (radio-labelled) test substances via all relevant exposure routes that are required to assess occupational exposure safety and consumer safety. We contribute to the development of safe industrial chemicals and assist in developing a strategy, as well as collecting toxicokinetic, ADME & mode of action data for a mechanism-based risk assessment/evaluation for the safety of your compound according to the regulatory guidelines.

We offer long-standing experience in testing complex molecules, metals, mixtures, volatiles and gases that may enter the body via the inhalation, dermal and oral routes, and are supported by our excellent bioanalytical facilities. Mechanistic studies (mode of action) in combination with our PbPk modelling services will help you to perform a more realistic mechanism-based risk assessment.